Sunday, September 9, 2012

Freezer Chili

I've been seeing a lot of pintrest interest in both freezer cooking and crock pot recipes lately so I decided to rework one of my meat and veggie chili recipes to accommodate both.  The thing that makes it so cool is that you prep once and get three meals out of it, one to cook and enjoy that day and two to freeze for easy tasty future meals. Here's my recipe (I tripped it!):

I write the directions on the bags of chopped veggies before I throw them in the freezer so that I know what to add and how long to cook it.   Also this is pretty mild (so that my 2 year old will still eat it) but if you like spicy add more chili powder.  I usually sprinkle more in my bowl at the end to accommodate my spicy taste.  Here's what you need for one meal:

I like a mix of bean types, just use your favorite or whatever you have on hand.  Also, since mine was made with ground beef this time I used beef broth, but I like it with ground turkey and chicken broth too!  Here's it all served up and ready to eat: